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The best way to know if Wireworld is the right cable for you is to hear them for yourself. Please stop by one of these upcoming shows and say hello, talk cable science, talk gear, give a listen. You won't be disappointed.



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August 29th & 30th, 2015

Hotel Russell

London, UK


Showing with Harman Consumer Group (AKG Headphones)


Representing Wireworld


Martin Harding

Wireworld International Sales Manager


Abbas Hussein

Managing Director of Nue World Ltd.

(Wireworld UK)






August 28th thru 30th, 2015

Hilton Hotel

Rockville, Maryland, USA


Showing with Resolution Acoustics

Showing with Command Performance


Representing Wireworld


David Salz

President, Wireworld Cable Technology

Featured Speaker 'The Cable Polygraph'

Saturday, 11am


Larry Smith

Wireworld National Sales Manager






October 24th & 25th, 2015

Hilton Hotel - CPH Airport

Copenhagen, Denmark


Showing with Tekni-fi Import



Representing Wireworld


Martin Harding

Wireworld International Sales Manager


Klaus Reibke

Managing Director of Tekni-fi Import



In the News:

David Salz to Present at Capitol Audiofest 2015

Going to CAF2015? Sit in on David's presentation and experience the truth behind the question, Do Cables Make a Difference? The answer is a resounding yes, and David will prove it with The Cable Polygraph.



Capital Audiofest, Rockville, MD Hilton

Washington Theater on the Ground (Third Floor)

Saturday at 11:00AM --


A demonstration of listening tests that reveal the fidelity of cables. Designer David Salz of Wireworld Cable Technology will discuss and demonstrate the various ways specific sonic effects of cables can be observed, including a new test that works with hi-rez music files. David will also explain the various ways that cables affect the sound we hear.

Wireworld Now Shipping NEW Nano Series Cables

Read about the new Nano cables here



Patented DNA Helix technology and Composilex 2 insulation combined in the lightest, most flexible cable we've ever manufactured. For headphones, IEMs and portable devices.


"A significant improvement. The sense of air, space, depth – spectacular!"

Marc R.

Aurora 7 Props from Denmark

Read Danish? Check out this review on the Aurora 7 Power Conditioning Cord




Fluxfield technology and Composilex 2 insulation combined to create a power cable that does more than just transfer electricity.